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Bespoke, handcrafted jewellery. Inspired & designed by the Sea.

My story...

I was born & raised in Suffolk. My grandparents ignited my interest in farming & the countryside. Their traditional way of life was appealing & comforting. I sued to watch my Grandpop attending to his allotments for hours while my nan was forever shelling peas in the Summer sun. My Mum & Nan would take me & my 5 brothers on long walks to a local dairy farm, which is where my deep passion for agriculture was born. I would wonder the lanes watching the farming seasons change. I found the farming cycle wildlife & nature, fascinating.


Later I met my husband, who is a farmer. We went on to have 4 children, they were equally enthusiastic about farming life. We were an arable farm but had pet pigs, hens & ponies. We were blessed enough to start off our own mall herd of cattle. I loved the cattle , with their individual personalities, smell & the nostalgic memories they invoked. After spending 20 years raising my family on our farm in Suffolk, a change was on the horizon.

We accidentally discovered the Outer Hebrides. My first glimpse of the Isles was mesmerising & a love story soon begun. The landscape is wild & diverse. From rugged coastlines, never ending moors & bountiful crofts bursting with sheep & cattle, I was instantly captivated. The elements are unpredictable & the ever evolving nature was incredibly inspiring. I take this inspiration & allow it to flow through my designs. Waves & the wild coastline being a particular favourite of mine. 

As an adult with Autism, it is difficult to find a place in the world. However, on moving to the Isle of Lewis I was lucky enough to be introduced to Christina Mackenzie, a highly skilled & renowned Goldsmith. Under Christina's guidance I quickly progressed. I was drawn into the processes of high quality jewellery making. Developing new skills, taking raw materials & turning them into stunning pieces that became keepsakes soon became my passion.I found the whole production method very therapeutic. My love for designing & producing jewellery flowed naturally. 

I was delighted to win the Natural Retreats Lews Castle jewellery competition and as time passed I was encouraged to take my newly developed skills and start my own business; Wild Isles Jewellery was born.

My home is situated in a quiet village in the North East of Lewis. With the stunning surrounding beaches, rolling moors and busy crofts; inspiration is in abundance. My workshop is nestled beside my house, with sea views, a wood burner & my elderly Dachshund snuggled tightly in his basket under my bench.

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